ADVOCACY: Letter of Support to Increase Appropriations for California Arts Council (CAC)

We have an opportunity to send a letter of support for Assembly Bill 580, the new legislative bill that would increase appropriations for the California Arts Council (CAC) from $1M to $75M.


We have to act fast, because the bill will be formally introduced to the state assembly this Tuesday, April 9 at 9am!


The bill’s passage would have an enormous impact on performing arts communities throughout the state. The funds from AB 580 would bring California’s per-capita arts spending up to 12th in the nation, or roughly $2.00 per person.


EAL/LA is sending the following letter of support for Assembly Bill 580. For more information, or to send you own letter, please visit:


Friday, April 5, 2013
The Honorable Adrin Nazarian
Member of the California State Assembly
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814


FAX: (916) 319-2146


Re: Assembly Bill 580 
Position: SUPPORT


Dear Assembly Member Nazarian:


Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles (EAL/LA) is a network of arts professionals whose purpose is to grow and support up-and-coming creative leaders in the greater Los Angeles area.


On behalf of EAL/LA, thank you for introducing AB 580; we strongly support its passage. Since 2003, Californians ranked last among all the states in per capita investment in the arts-allocating just three cents per person from the General Fund. AB 580 will leverage the arts as a proven and powerful catalyst for spurring local economies and for preparing California’s workforce to prosper in the global creative economy. The arts are a major player in our state’s economy, generating billions in total economic activity and fundamentally impacting California’s core creative industries.


California’s cultural enterprises provide:
More than 500,000 jobs for Californians or 7.6% of total employment


California’s non-profit arts specifically contribute:
More than $9 billion to the state’s economy


Additionally, the arts:
  • Are a key partner to the creative industries
  • Encourage creativity
  • Help prepare students and workers to compete in the 21st Century global economy
  • Attract creative workers and industries of all kinds
  • Stimulate the economy
  • Engage residents
  • Provide a sense of community, celebrating diversity and building bridges of understanding
  • Draw tourists and visitors
The arts are vital to the quality of life that we are so very proud of in California. Your legislation will provide a stable revenue source for the California Arts Council’s granting programs to non-profit arts organizations, leveraging the arts as a significant contributor to California’s economic recovery through tourism, job creation, social services, and educational outreach. AB 580 proposes a sound investment for California. Thank you for your commitment to a better California.




Tara Aesquivel and Shayna Keller
Executive Chairs, EAL/LA


cc: Ms. Dana Mitchell, Consultant, Assembly Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media Committee, (916)

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