Arts Professional Advisor Link – 2014

2014 APAL Program Information

About APAL

Arts Professional Advisor Link (APAL) is open to members of Emerging Arts Leaders/Los Angeles (EAL/LA) to further their professional development.  Advisees are matched with seasoned leaders in arts administration who will serve as Professional Advisors. Over one year, the Professional Advisors will provide professional mentoring, addressing the current work and future career path of the Advisee.

It is expected that the relationship formed between the Advisor and Advisee will develop into a lasting, mutually beneficial friendship. Further, the program is partially administered by the participants, including finding potential advisors, scheduling, providing program feedback, and more. This administrative oversight allows advisees to have valuable input on their experience as well as the opportunity to build their own leadership skills.


All Dates have been extended by one week! New dates are shown.

  • November 15th 2013 – Applications available.
  • December 20th, 2013 – Applications are due by 11:59pm PST.
  • December 29nd, 2013 – All applicants will be notified about their application status.
  • January 9th 2014 – APAL 2014 advisees cohort will attend an orientation meeting (time and location TBD).

Advisee Commitment

  • Attend APAL Orientation Meeting Jan 9, 2014.
  • Meet with advisor at least four times throughout the year.
  • Articulate goals/objectives for the year and share with advisor.
  • Attend three APAL professional development gatherings (topics and dates to be set by program participants).
  • Blog quarterly for about meetings with advisor, experience during the year, topics relevant to professional development and leadership.
  • Participate actively in the overall planning and execution of APAL Program, through social media, e-mail and in-person meetings.
  • Complete all evaluations.
  • Attend Final Convening in Dec. 2014.

Application Checklist

  • Member profile on
  • Application
  • Resume
  • Personal statement (referenced in the application)

Please e-mail all application materials to by 11:59pm PST on Friday December 13th.


Applications will be reviewed and scored by a panel comprised of APAL graduates and EAL/LA Leadership Council members.


1. Completeness of application (20 pts)

2. Clarity of goals/objectives outlined in personal statement (20 pts)

3. Potential for suitable matching (15 pts)

4. Ability to represent APAL program with professionalism to advisor and the general public (15 pts)

5. Potential to make significant leadership contributions to APAL program (10 pts)

6. Availability and willingness to participate in full duration of program (10 pts)

7. Apparent commitment to EAL/LA (10 pts)

Total: 100 pts

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