EAL/LA Leadership Council Elections 2014



Are you interested in being a more active participant in EAL/LA? Become a part of the Leadership Council! You are invited to apply for a position on the newly-formed At-Large Committee.

The Leadership Council has recently undergone a strategic planning process resulting in exciting new opportunities for EAL/LA members interested in LC involvement. We are currently looking for 8 new At-Large Members. The role of an At-Large Member is to provide hands-on support to the work of the LC and thus to help ensure that the mission and vision of EAL/LA are fulfilled from year to year. Please see below for a complete description of the At-Large Members’ role within the Leadership Council.

To apply for the position please e-mail your Resume, Short Biography (250 words), and Statement of Intent (250 words) to info@ealla.org by Friday, August 29, 2014.  The Statement of Intent should address your professional development goals, your involvement in the LA arts community, the sub-committee(s) with which you most want to work, and what you feel you can contribute to the Leadership Council.

Election Timeline

  • Application Deadline: August 29
  • Elections Open: September 5
  • Elections Close: September 11
  • First LC Meeting: September 16*

*All new At-Large Members must be available for the September 16th Leadership Council meeting.

Application Pack Checklist:

  • Resume
  • Biography (250 words)
  • Statement of Intent (250 words)

Your Biography and Statement of Intent will be shared online as part of the election process, so voters get the opportunity to know who they are voting for. Your Resume will be for LC internal use only.

About the Leadership Council
The EAL/LA Leadership Council is a volunteer committee that steers, plans, and implements EAL/LA’s programming and services agenda. The LC is made up of two Co-Chairs, a Programming Subcommittee, Development Subcommittee, and Marketing/Communications Subcommittee, and our upcoming At-Large Members.

The At-Large Member
The role of an At-Large Member is to provide hands-on support to the work of the LC and thus to help ensure that the mission and vision of EAL/LA are fulfilled from year to year.  At-Large Members are elected to a two-year term by a vote of the EAL/LA general membership. They may ‘re-up’ for a second two-year term if they so choose. At-Large Membership is the first step one can take with the LC prior to becoming a LC Co-Chair or Subcommittee Co-Chair. In other words, LC Chairs and Co-Chairs are selected from At-Large Members each year, or when vacancies arise. After one year as an At-Large Member, At-Large Members may apply for any vacancies in Co-Chair positions. Co-Chair positions are voted on by LC members only.

What is required of an At-Large Member?
1) At-Large Members are fully participating, voting members of the LC. Therefore their attendance at monthly LC meetings, events, and gatherings is a significant part of their commitment.

2) At-Large Members are expected to select one or two Subcommittee areas within which to work in each year, assisting Co-Chairs with programs and activities of that group and participating in events.

3) At-Large Members are expected to attend a majority of the events and activities of EAL/LA as a whole, supporting their LC colleagues in the work of the organization.

4) At-Large Members, like all LC Members, are ambassadors for EAL/LA, and are charged with inviting new people to events, encouraging colleagues to participate, and spreading the word about EAL/LA to interested professionals and upcoming leaders in Los Angeles County.

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